News / Honoring sign language interpreters - Aden

2021-11-03 19:23:30

Honoring sign language interpreters - Aden

On Wednesday 3/11/2021 AD, the sign language interpreters who are referred to as coffee were honored for their love for the deaf and their dedication to work with them and always beside them in everything related to the deaf..

Whatever is said about them, the words are not enough because they are more than that.

Mr. Ali Haitham Ali Omar is a sign language trainer and interpreter who has worked for 25 years with the deaf and is the Executive Director of the Association for the Care and Rehabilitation of the Deaf / Aden.

Mr. Mona Jalal Bashraheel is a teacher and sign language translator responsible for deaf students at the Faculty of Computer and has worked for more than 10 years.

This honor came from the Arab Federation of Organizations working with the Deaf as evidence of their entitlement to this honor, which proves their success at work and their love for the deaf.

The Association for the Care and Rehabilitation of the Deaf - Aden extends its thanks and appreciation to the Arab Union and to Professor Khaled Obadi , Vice President of the Yemeni Union, for their interest and care for this honor, which is considered a medal for the association and its wonderful translators.

God willing, the giving will continue, and the work and love will continue, and all for the sake of our deaf and dumb children