Refresher Chess Tournament 2019

capital Sana'a

2019-11-14 05:20:40

At the invitation of the Executive Director, the sports federations met with the Executive Director of the Youth and Youth Welfare Fund and the Sports Sector in the Ministry

Forming a technical committee from the sports federations, the fund and the sports sector to prepare the programs plan in line with the national sport for 2020

2019-11-08 03:26:22

Cancel 9th Asia Pacific Deaf Games 2019

in Hong Kong

2019-10-27 21:26:27

19th Winter Deaflympics, 2019

Valtellina – Valchiavenna, Italy,

2019-10-27 05:57:24

Congratulations to the deaf graduates of the fifth installment specialty Computer Science

The Yemeni Federation of Deaf Sports presents its highest congratulations , to the deaf brothers and sisters graduates of the fifth batch, Faculty of Special Education, Computer Department, Azal University on the occasion of their graduation and obtaining a bachelor's degree.

2019-09-24 23:23:24

Administered by the Yemen Deaf Sports Federation under the agreement with the Fund for the care and rehabilitation of the disabled

equip the building of the Fund for the care and rehabilitation of the disabled in the Sheraton

2019-08-28 00:33:03