Event Host Country Date
conclusion of the Eighth Republic Chess Championship for the Deaf in Sana'a 27 July 2022 2022-07-24 2022-07-27
Honoring the Fourth Republic Table Tennis Championship for the Deaf 2022 capital- Sana'a 2022-02-26 2022-03-01
The Ministers of Social Affairs and Sports honor the winners of the Deaf Republic Championship for chess, bowling and shooting Magical City Park 2021-09-18 2021-09-21
The First Republic Bowling Championship for the Deaf 2021 (men - women) continues Magical City Park 2021-09-17 2021-09-21
2021-09-17 2021-09-21
The First Republic Championship for Deaf Shooting 2021 (women's category) - Rifle kung fu hall - Capital Municipality - Sana'a 2021-09-18 2021-09-20
His Excellency Minister of Youth and Sports honors deaf chess champions 2019 Conclusion of the seventh round of the Refresher Chess Championship 2019 2019-11-15 2019-11-18
Third Republic Table Tennis Championship Deaf 2018 Al Ahly Club Lounge Sana'a , 2018-03-25 2018-03-28
Second Republic Athletics Championship for the Deaf. Dhamar International Stadium , Dhamar Governorate 2017-05-22 2017-05-25
6th Republic Chess Championship for the Deaf Al Amal School For Deaf Dhamar , Dhamar Governorate 2017-05-22 2017-05-25
2nd Republic Futsal Championship for the Deaf Hall May 22 in the city of sports revolution 2014-12-31 2015-01-05
The championship13th Yemeni Week Cup for the Deaf 2014 It was set up 3/30/2014 AD at the headquarters of the May 22 Club in Amana 2014-03-30 2014-03-30
Championship of the fifth republic of chess for the deaf (Women) + (Men) Olympic Center Hall , Sana'a 2014-03-24 2014-03-26
First Republic Athletics Championship for the Deaf 2013 Track al Marisi stadium Sports capital- Sana'a 2013-05-07 2013-05-08
Second Republic Table Tennis Championship Deaf (Men) + ( Women) International Table Tennis Hall Sana'a 2012-12-30 2012-12-31