Meetings and conferences / Refresher Chess the deaf Championship 2019

2019-11-15 23:43:50

Refresher Chess the deaf Championship 2019

Technical meeting of the tournament

The activation tournament of the chess game for the deaf (men - women) 2019 will kick off on Saturday at the closed gym at Balqees Sports Club in the Capital Municipality, which is organized by the Yemeni Federation of Deaf Sports during the period from 15-18 / 11/2019 with the participation of clubs and centers for the deaf sports in the governorates
 (Amana - Taiz - Ibb - Hodeidah - Sana'a - Dhamar - Imran - Mahwit) with funding
: Youth, Sport and Youth Welfare Fund.
The technical meeting of the championship was held on Friday evening at the headquarters of the Yemeni Federation of the Deaf after the arrival of the teams participating in the tournament, where they were briefed the participating teams on the list of the tournament and discussed the technical aspects and briefed the participants on the latest technical and arbitration of the game of chess.